Today's To-Do (via Bob Goff): Write your resignation letter. Give it to your spouse.


I dare you to write your boss your resignation letter, put it in an envelope, and then give it to your spouse as a gift.

Bob Goff presented this simple challenge to a room full of people at a recent event in Houston.

The purpose of this action is to show your spouse he or she takes priority over your job. Your family matters more. My friend Scott Kedersha recently jumped on the podcast to share about what it means to truly value your marriage. This is one way to help keep your family before your work.

Explain in your letter you've lost sight of your priorities and need to resign. Write that your job has gotten in the way of your calling to be good to your family. After you've actually written this letter, print it out, put it in an envelope addressed to your boss, and then tell your spouse if your priorities ever get out of line, they can stamp it and drop it in the mail.

I've made this easy for you. You can download this template, the actual letter I printed out and gave to my wife, and make this happen in just a few minutes.

Photo sourced via Creative Commons.