Top Ten || October

Here are ten things I'm loving this month that will help you move the needle.

1. "Seven 5-Minute Decluttering Projects You Can Accomplish Today" from Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist

It doesn't take much. Set a timer and tackle your car. This is practical and immediately actionable for anyone feeling out of control with clutter.

2. "Generations & Generosity: How Age Affects Giving" from The Barna Group

"...out of 10 possible answers to the question, 'What would you consider to be the ultimate financial goal in life?' the option 'to serve God with my money' ranks at only number six among Christians." 

This fascinating study gives interesting insights into how different age demographics define and execute on generosity in their lives. At your age, how do you align with the survey results?


3. The How I Built This podcast from Guy Raz, specifically this episode where Guy interviews Howard Shultz about how he grew Starbucks into the third largest restaurant chain in the world

More fascinating than what Howard Shultz did to grow Starbucks is why. Your expensive latte tastes different after you hear what Howard has to say.

4. This group of women in rural Malawi


This month, I traveled with HOPE International to Malawi and met this group of amazing business owners. The name of their group is Tilimbe. Translated, this means "Let Us Be Strong." These women worship together, pray together, read the Bible together, save money together, and lend money to one another. This story will inspire you. I promise.

5. "Are you using social media or being used by it?" from Cal Newport

My biggest takeaway from this piece: "change your relationship with these services to shift from compulsive to controlled use."


6. The Overcast app

This is the app I use to stream podcasts, and I just love it. I have a "morning run" playlist I put my daily news podcasts into each morning, and Overcast plays them in order as I exercise. The interface is simple, clean, and fantastic.

7. This breakfast combo: four eggs + these chicken meatballs

I've been on a recent kick to fill my breakfast with protein. Eating four eggs mixed with six chopped Aidell's chicken meatballs does the trick. They sell these bad boys at Costco.

8. "The engine of our discontent" from Seth Godin


I don't hate TV, and I don't hate social media. In fact, I like them both. As Seth Godin says, however, "every time TV and social media become significant time sinks in a household, pleasure goes up and happiness goes down." Think about whether or not this is true for you.

9. The Summer EP from Jonathan Ogden

Spotify recommended a song from this album to me, and I've been hooked on Jonathan Ogden ever since. His fresh take on worship music is lyrically rich and melodically satisfying. Listening to this is a great way to recenter on God when things feel out of control. Fall might be officially here, but Summer isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you don't have Spotify, you can listen to Jonathan's music here, too. 


10. Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau

I'm passionate about what I do. Books about leaving your career for the life you want aren't for me, because I love my job. This is exactly why I enjoyed Chris Guillebeau's book. Values-Driven Productivity is a side hustle, and this book taught me new things to consider with this site. If you're thinking about doing something in addition to your current job, read this. You won't regret it.