Today's To-Do (via Brad Soroka): Keep your phone on Do Not Disturb at all times.


I've written about fighting your smartphone addiction in the past.

Today, take one small step in the battle by turning your notifications off. Make it so your phone hardly ever vibrates or makes a sound. Try it for a couple days. You can always turn them back on if you don't like it.

Your attention is sacred. Each time your phone beeps or shakes, it's stealing your attention from something else. Engaging our phones on our own terms helps us steward attention more effectively. It keeps us on task and in the moment.

If you have an android device, follow these steps from Make Use Of. If you have an iPhone, try this tip from Brad Sorokaturn your phone on Do Not Disturb at all times.


Follow this path

Settings >> Do Not Disturb >> Turn "Do Not Disturb" on >> Turn "Scheduled" on >> Set "From" to "12:00 AM" >> Set "To" to "11:59 PM" >> Turn "Silence" to "While iPhone is locked" >> Turn "Phone" to "Allow Calls From All Contacts" >> Turn "Repeated Calls" on

If someone really needs to get a hold of you, they will call. This is why I suggest leaving on notifications from your contacts' calls. Things like text messages, tweets, news alerts, etc. are distractions. They hardly ever actually require an immediate response. When and if they do, you will get a call.

You will be amazed at how much peace and mental space is cleared by eliminating the majority of the buzzing in your pocket. Just try it.

Phone picture by Negative Space on Pexels