Today's To-Do: Spend ten minutes doing nothing.


In the craziness of your world, it can be challenging to stop, be still, and breathe. Even in the calm, it's easy to reach for the phone, to turn on the music, to distract yourself from yourself. Training your mind, body, and soul to be in silence with your thoughts and feelings requires just that: training.

Our culture isn't operating with a framework friendly to slowing down. Do the next thing, make the next goal, open the app, scroll through the feed, check this email, check this next email that just came in while responding to the last one, run the next errand, do more, and do it faster.

Not all of these things are bad. In fact, when used proactively and intentionally--goals, apps, email, errands, and efficiency are great and should be leveraged for making progress on what matters. 

The problem, however, is that time often gets filled to inhibit silence, reflection, prayer, and thoughtfulness. Busyness and distraction often come before focus. It's easy keep going under the guise of productivity. It's hard to stop and look around to find out if you're running on solid ground towards things of importance or sprinting on a treadmill going nowhere.

Today's challenge: spend ten minutes doing nothing.

  1. Set a timer on your microwave or phone for ten minutes.
  2. Go to a room where the timer isn't and sit down.  
  3. Don't do anything. Just sit. Pay attention to what happens. Is your mind in a million places? Do you find yourself wanting to reach for your iPhone, a book, or something else? Why?
  4. When the timer is up, continue about your day.

You might be surprised by how long or short ten minutes feels.

Photo from Pexels via Creative Commons.