Today's To-Do: Take email and social media off your phone for the weekend.


More often than not, an impulse drives you to pick up your phone and open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc. Rarely do you need access to these services no matter where you are. In most cases, the desktop version at planned times will do just fine.

Today, delete the social media and email apps from your phone and leave them uninstalled for the weekend. If you use an iPhone and have access to email through the native service, you can now delete the default mail app, too. If you feel nervous about doing this, it's even more reason to try it.

The purpose of this practice is to gain self-awareness around how many times you try and check these services. It also helps train your attention to stay in the moment, focused on what's right in front of you.

A phone is a tempting place to go when you don't want to engage your thoughts, the people around you, or a seemingly boring situation. Removing this ability promotes an environment where you can more fully consider what you're thinking, how you can best interact with those in the same room as you, and embrace boredom as a starting point for creativity.

Photo by Tom Holmes sourced from Unsplash