Becky Kiser on sacred holidays.

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Becky Kiser is empowering people to celebrate holidays in meaningful ways. In a world often pushing us toward busyness and materialism over intentionality and gratitude, Becky helps people celebrate major events with thoughtful actions and a godly foundation. She released her newest book, Sacred Holidays, in October—and it’s a timely resource for your Christmas season as you seek to slow down and celebrate Christ’s birth with joy.

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Becky Kiser’s background

Becky Kiser is intent that women would fall in love with God’s Word, then feel equipped and empowered to live it out. She believes that women can live out their own wild story, just like the ones we see of God’s chosen in His Word, as they love Jesus and love people. She is the founder and CEO of Sacred Holidays—a ministry dedicated to helping women find less chaos and more Jesus during holidays through Bible study, community, resources, and lots of fun! She is determined to help women keep all the whimsy of the holidays, but help make them sacred—holy and set apart.

Becky has a background in marketing and ministry, and is a certified Myers-Briggs life coach, bringing each of those experiences into her writing and speaking. Becky and her husband, Chris, live in Houston, TX with their three girls.


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