Chris Chancey on bringing your values to work.

Chris Chancey is helping staff the refugee workforce. In this episode, Chris helps you have greater clarity around what it means to bring your values to your work.

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Chris Chancey's background

In 2014, Chris visited the city of Clarkston, Georgia to learn more about the refugee resettlement process in America. Clarkston is one of the largest refugee resettlement communities in the country and has an unemployment rate over 50%. As a social entrepreneur, Chris saw an opportunity to employ these legal and diligent newcomers to the US and provide great impact for companies all over Atlanta.

The dream of staffing Atlanta companies with the talented refugee workforce became a quick reality when Chris founded Amplio recruiting. By 2016, refugees placed by Amplio Recruiting were hired by companies with products and services offered by Wal-Mart, Google, Tesla and dozens of others in Atlanta. Amplio also partners with The Lantern Project to train and mentor refugees before they are placed with a company.

This year, Amplio Recruiting has launched locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, Austin, Texas and Dallas, believing a great opportunity exists to serve companies and resettled refugees in those locations as well.

Links to things mentioned in the episode

  • 1:48 - HOPE International is also where I serve as a fundraiser in Houston, TX. 
  • 6:36 - "If you hustle hard enough, the only promise you have from that is that you'll burn out."
  • 9:46 - Greg McKeown's Essentialism  is a great resource in helping you focus on what's most important.
  • 12:24 - Controlling your smartphone addiction is important to staying consistent.
  • 15:47 - Here's an interesting Pew Research article about the number of refugees in the U.S.

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