Chris Horst on rooting for your rivals.

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Chris Horst is helping build a culture of collaboration among faith-based organizations. The new book he wrote with Peter Greer, Rooting for Rivals, comes out this summer. In it, Chris and Peter make the case that Christian faith-based organizations are stronger together than in isolation. In this episode, Chris lays out ways you can have a bias toward partnership as you seek the growth of God’s Kingdom.

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Chris Horst's background

Chris Horst is the vice president of development at HOPE International, where he employs his passion for advancing initiatives at the intersection of faith and work. In addition to his role at HOPE, Chris spends an alarming percentage of his free time tending to his yard with all the loving care normally afforded to newborn children. He and his wife, Alli, have three human children of whom they are even prouder than they are of their lawn—Desmond, Abe, and June. As a dad to three kiddos, Chris has recently undergone a radical transformation from self-proclaimed foodie to a man who prepares far more trays of chicken nuggets than avocado toast. He wouldn’t change it.­ Chris serves on the boards of the Denver Institute for Faith & Work and the Mile High WorkShop and is a founder of He loves to write, having been published in The Denver Post and Christianity Today and co-authored Mission Drift, Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing, and Rooting for Rivals with Peter Greer. Mission Drift was named a book of the year in 2015 by Christianity Today; WORLD Magazine and the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association honored it as a book of the year runner-up and finalist, respectively. Chris was a very average student, but he did graduate with both a bachelor’s degree from Taylor University and an MBA from Bakke Graduate University.


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