Today's To-Do: Give something you love to someone you love.


Giving money is good, and the act of financially contributing to people and organizations in need improves the world and makes your generosity muscles stronger. 

Sometimes, however, you give financially and still don't realize the rate at which you're also consuming and putting hope in material goods. Writing checks to charities doesn't guarantee your heart is in the right place with your possessions.

Don't get me wrong. Buying things can be great when you have the money to do it and aren't counting on things for your ultimate contentment. I love one-click shopping on Amazon as much as the next person. But the things we own should never own us, and the battle to keep our possessions in their rightful place requires consistent prayer, reflection, and practice. 

One of many small practices you can implement right now is to regularly give something meaningful away to another person or organization.

Today, I invite you to do just that. 

Find a book you love, a piece of clothing--anything in your home that you value--and make someone else's life better with it. 

Donating things we don't like or have no use for anymore is good for us and allows us to simplify our homes. But giving away something we enjoy is even better because it's a tangible act of sacrificial love. It feels less like cleaning out and more like deeply caring for another person.

Find something you love and give it to someone you love.

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash