How to make Thanksgiving a season of thanksgiving.

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It’s hard to believe it, but the holidays are upon us. Cultivating a heart and culture of gratitude won’t happen on accident. In this month’s episode, learn foundational principles for making this Thanksgiving a season of thanksgiving.

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Links to things mentioned in the episode

  • 1:22 - Well, technically it was November 4

  • 1:32 - Twenty guiding principles for values-driven holiday season.

  • 5:14 - “Why Gratitude Is Good” by Robert Emmons

  • 8:50 - One helpful tool toward this end is StayFocusd

  • 13:38 - Check out this quote from Eckhart Tolle: “See if you can catch yourself complaining, in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life situation, even the weather. To complain is always nonacceptance of what is. It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. When you complain, you make yourself into a victim. When you speak out, you are in your power. So change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.”