Jesse Mecham on the value of a budget.

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Jesse Mecham is making it possible for people to get a handle on their money and better steward the resources entrusted to their care. As the founder of YNAB (You Need A Budget), Jesse is equipping hundreds of thousands of users with budgeting software that gives them a framework for prioritizing their lives and allocating money toward what they truly value. In this episode, gain practical tips and insights into how you can better manage money—whether you’re drowning in debt or not sure what to do with your extra income.

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Jesse Mecham’s background

Jesse Mecham is the founder of YNAB. He teaches individuals, families, and business owners Four Rules for thinking about their money in a whole new way.  While broke and a newly married college student, Jesse launched his original software as a spreadsheet...and it made money. (The software has come a long way since then.) When not teaching people how to budget, Jesse loves gardening, CrossFit, marksmanship, and travel. He also spends a good bit of time with his wife and the six small people that live in their house with them. 


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