Today's To-Do: Look at your Christmas budget.


Last month, some of my friends threw a Christmas in August party. It was a blast and included lights on the house, a tree in the living room, and a cookie decorating competition. It felt crazy to be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in the summer, but the holidays will actually be here before you know it.

Ideally, you're saving for Christmas all year long. If you haven't thought about the financial implications of Christmas yet, however, this is a great chance to do so. You still have time to save up for gifts so you're not facing a new year's resolution to eliminate Christmas debt.

You don't need to spend extravagantly to have an extravegant Christmas. 

Plenty of people do creative things to give gifts in meaningful ways without overspending. Homemade gifts, gifts to charities, and replacing objects with experience are all great options.

But giving gifts isn't a bad thing.

In fact, gifts can be a great thing--when they're given within your means and actually bless others.

In order to help set yourself up for a stress-free holiday season, look at your Christmas budget today. 

If you don't have a budget yet, consider how much you can reasonably save in three months (!!!) and create one. Plan to set aside money now so you aren't experiencing financial anxiety as you're cleaning up your turkey at Thanksgiving.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash