Sharon Mankin on defining your core values.

This month brings the launch of the Values-Driven Productivity Podcast, a monthly podcast dedicated to helping you make meaningful progress on things that matter. In this first episode, I talk with my mom, Sharon Mankin, about gaining clarity around your core values. From here on, you can expect a new podcast episode (at the beginning) and a new post (around the 15th) each month.

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Sharon Mankin's background

A teacher at heart, Sharon is a master’s level educator and certified leadership coach with Lead Self Lead Others, LLC. She discovered her passion for helping others identify their God-given gifts through the season of motherhood. Her greatest joy is cheering people on as they move toward their potential for the glory of God.

Sharon shares her empty nest with her husband, Dwight (who she calls, Mr. Wonderful), where their open door policy reflects their passion for hospitality and life-on-life discipleship. Her three children, their spouses, and her grandson are the supreme delight of her life. Thirty years of marriage, being a mom, and surviving breast cancer has convinced her of two things: God is real and his grace is sufficient.  


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"Spring" by Blake and Emily Mankin (download the .mp3 free)