Order Through October 1 - KerfCase Walnut "Make Meaningful Progress" iPhone Case


Order Through October 1 - KerfCase Walnut "Make Meaningful Progress" iPhone Case

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Taking orders through October 1. Production will take place between October 1-7. I’ll mail you your case with a handwritten note before October 21. Shipping is free. Unfortunately, I can only take orders within the USA at this time.

This case helps provide a better way to protect your relationships, time, attention, and iPhone.

Made from scratch in Pittsburgh, PA by a small team and shipped to you from my home in Houston, TX, KerfCase will create wooden iPhone cases for the Values-Driven Productivity community meant to help you along your journey.

Remember to stay focused on what matters with this beautiful reminder designed by Trip Carroll.

Each case involves 30 production steps and is made from 100% natural wood sourced from felled trees in Pennsylvania. Read more about their production process and story. You’ll understand the higher price point and feel great about paying it.

TechCrunch highlighted KerfCase last year. Founder Ben Sakks is quoted saying this: “Kerf is not a startup, and it took us a long time to realize this. Our value proposition is not something that is scalable like software. By scaling, we would lose the most important aspects of our business. We have grown slowly and organically, through word-of-mouth and a small, dedicated fanbase,” he said.

KerfCase has a clear understanding of their values, producing incredibly high quality cases with deep conviction. This makes them a great supplier of Values-Driven Productivity’s first product.

Carry a constant reminder to keep boundaries around your smartphone use and to stay focused on what matters with this notable intersection of the natural and technological. Each case comes with KerfCase’s lifetime warranty. If it ever breaks, they’ll repair it for free. Read more about this here.

Return policy - If you don’t love it within 30 days of receiving your case, send it back to me and I’ll refund you 100%.

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